Position Name Senator Email
Chair Garrett Jensen Senior Class Senator gjjensen@scu.edu
Member Gus Hardy Campus Ministry Senator hardygus@gmail.com
Member Mihir Shah College of Engineering Senator mshah1@scu.edu
Member Brian Flesher Integration Senator bflesher@scu.edu
Member Matt Martinez Senior Class Senator mlmartinez@scu.edu
Member Will DuVal Parliamentarian wduval@scu.edu
Member Nick Reed Junior Class Senator nreed@scu.edu
Member Maddy Renalds Academic Senator mrenalds@scu.edu
Member Lauren Betschart Freshman Class Senator lbetschart@scu.edu


Looking for information on Discretionary Club Funding? Follow this link.

If you have any campus issues pertaining to RSO funding you would like the Student Affairs Committee to work on, address, and bring up at weekly Senate Meetings, email or call Garrett Jensen, SAC Chair, at (503) 806-1108.

About the Senate Student Affairs Committee (SAC) 


The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) serves as the communication link between the students, RSOs, and